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Luis Vicente Lopez-Llorca

Group Leader

I am Professor of Plant Pathology at the Universidad de Alicante in SE Spain. I have taught at undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Botany, Mycology, Plant Pathology and Marine Biology. My research was carried out in Spain, the Netherlands, Scotland (where I got my PhD), USA and Canada. I have worked on the mode of action (at molecular, cell and ecological levels) and practical development of biocontrol fungi. I also worked on the endophytic behaviour of nematophagous and entomopathogenic fungi and their implications in biocontrol and plant growth  promotion. My group has also investigated the role of root endophytes in natural vegetation under stress and their applications. We also have experience on palm fungal pathogens and pests and their biocontrol and on chitosan as antifungal and its compatibility with biocontrol fungi. Our group has filed patents, mostly on biotechnological applications of fungi in sustainable agriculture. The group is also resulting from part of this industrial property, Glen Biotech the first spin-off company of Alicante University, specialised in biocontrol, originated from our lab was founded in 2010.

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Federico Lopez Moya

Federico Lopez Moya


I hold a degree in Biology from the University of Alicante (2004-2010). At present, I am involved in a PhD project on the antifungal mode of action of chitosan on Neurospora crassa and fungal human pathogens. My project involves the understanding of the differential response of fungi to chitosan. Some fungi such as N. crassa are chitosan sensitive whereas the biocontrol fungi Pochonia chlamydosporia   is resistant to this compound. During my PhD I spend a two month in the Glass Lab (Berkeley, USA) to identify gene targets related with chitosan antifungal activity on N. crassa. I am also evaluating the role of chitosan in plasma membrane remodelling and the fungicidal mode of action of this compound on N. crassa. My studies require the use of cultivation techniques, inoculation and use of antifungal compounds, microscopic techniques, molecular biology and genetics also different uses in bioinformatics tools (genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics database).

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Iraís Hernández  Valdivia

Phd Students

I studied in Mexico degree in Pharmaceutical Chemical biologist at the Universidad Veracruzana, then got the expertise in food science and technology at the University of Tamaulipas analyzing the effect of chitosan coating on the postharvest quality of limes. I have been a teacher at the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Xalapa since 2001 and in 2015 got a scholarship CONACYT-State Government of Veracruz for human resource training high-level graduate programs of quality abroad, so now I integral to the group Phytopathology laboratory of the University of Alicante for a PhD working on the project of molecular, cellular and agronomic analysis of the compatibility between P. chlamydosporia and chitosan as biological control and growth promoting tomato.

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Welcome to Fungal Interactions (FI), the home in the Internet of Luis V. Lopez-Llorca’s lab. We hope your visit to our web will be of interest. Our research deals with the study and practical developments of fungal interactions with other organisms (specially pests and pathogens) and with  chitosan, a biopolymer with biological activity obtained from shellfish industry waste

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