Research in our group aims at understanding the mode of action (at molecular, cell and ecological levels) and practical development of biocontrol fungi. We also work on the endophytic behaviour of nematophagous (especially the nematode egg-parasite Pochonia chlamydosporia) and entomopathogenic fungi (mainly Beauveria bassiana) and their implications in biocontrol and plant growth promotion. We have also worked on the role of fungal root endophytes in natural vegetation under stress and their applications. Our group is currently investigating the chitosan (a seafood waste product) as a fungicide for human pathogenic fungi and yeast and its compatibility with biocontrol fungi.


- Biocontrol of Insect Pests: The Red Palm Weevil

- Agronomy, Biology and –Omics of Pochonia Chlamydosporia, a Nematode Biocontrol Agent and Endophytic Biofertilizer.

- Chitosan, seafood waste product with antimicrobial and gene-modulating properties.

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Welcome to Fungal Interactions (FI), the home in the Internet of Luis V. Lopez-Llorca’s lab. We hope your visit to our web will be of interest. Our research deals with the study and practical developments of fungal interactions with other organisms (specially pests and pathogens) and with  chitosan, a biopolymer with biological activity obtained from shellfish industry waste

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